Having the right people answer your phones is a very important part of your business. When these people interact with your clients and customers, your business will be judged on these interactions. Nearly 60% of American consumers say they would go to a different business or brand to get better customer service. Nearly 45% say they would switch brands if the customer service they receive is inferior. Most people prefer to handle customer service issues on the phone. More than 60% will pick up the phone to deal with issues or get questions answered. Whether you hire a call answering service to help all day or you just need an after hours answering service, there are real benefits to having live people take your calls.

Benefits to Hiring a Live Operator Answering Service:

  1. It is cheaper than hiring more staff. If you own a small business, you know how expensive it is to hire new people. You can increase the productivity of your current employees and have the benefit of having your phones answered by people rather than voice mail by hiring a business telephone answering service. Your current employees can focus their time and energy on other parts of your business. Hiring an answering service effectively increases your workforce for a lot less money. Hiring full time receptionists is expensive. You can have the same kind of service for your customers and clients with an answering service.
  2. They can help deal with rush times. Do you have times of the day when you just cannot answer your phones fast enough? Do you lose business because you cannot get to each and every phone call fast enough? A professional answering service can help you during these times. You do not have to need an  after hours answering service to benefit from hiring any service.
  3. Provide your customers and clients with better customer service. People hate leaving messages on voice mail systems. Studies show that most people are much more inclined to hang up when they get a voice mail than leave a message. A live receptionist answering service can do a lot more thinks than a voice mail system can. Sure you can have basic information on your outgoing message with your hours, location and specials but people prefer to talk to someone. It takes less time to ask a person, “are you open on Saturdays?” than to wait through a long message.
  4. Help customers personally after hours. Not every business needs an after hours answering service but if you manage a law or medical office, it is a good idea. Medical problems do not stop happening when your office closes. You can have people available to help your clients or patients 24 hours a day and seven days a week with an after hours answering service.

A good answering service does a lot more than answer the phone and take messages. They can answer basic questions about your business, make appointments or take reservations and give directions. They do not have to be in the area or know anything about what you do when they start. You can provide them with all of the information they need. Even when a person answers a questions with “I do not know the answer to that,” it is a more pleasant experience than listening to a long winded message.

If your customers and clients have a bad experience with your company, they are much more likely to share that with their friends and family than if they have a good one. People are twice as likely to complain to their social networks than to compliment. Having someone with a pleasant phone manner answer your phones and tend to your clients’ and customers’ needs and answer their questions, will make a much better impression and help your business thrive.