What can your pharmacy do with a pos system

Why exactly are more small pharmacy owners finding that it’s beneficial to use a specialized retail pharmacy POS system instead of a generic system?

There are many benefits that come from using pharmacy POS systems, but these systems aren’t just beneficial to larger pharmacies or chain stores. Even small, independent pharmacies can reap the benefits when they use these systems. For starters…

Cash management is always a big concern for any retail store. Small shops need to have a system in place which allows them to manage their products and cashflow easily, but they also need to be able to provide discounts and accept coupons from customers. This is one particular area where big box stores seem to have the upper hand, because bigger POS systems come with many features that allow for simple discounts and cash management.

Security is another big concern, not just for the owners of small pharmacies but also for the customers themselves! You need to make sure that you’re processing each transaction securely and that you follow all of the regulations for selling prescription drugs to customers. With features like electronic signature capture and encrypted credit card POS terminals, you be sure that you’re protecting the personal information of your customers and also the sensitive information of your business.

Flexibility is another big advantage for pharmacy POS systems. Because these systems are tailored for such a specific industry, business owners don’t have to worry about paying for features that often appear in retail POS systems but aren’t really applicable to running a pharmacy! Instead, you’ll have a variety of features available which are helpful and useful for running a small pharmacy. Even prescription discount codes and mobile POS devices are available to small pharmacy owners with a pharmacy specific POS system.

Remember — just because your pharmacy may be small doesn’t mean that you can’t have the most advanced system possible!