Plastic locker

Do you have a great idea floating around in your head but you’re without the means to make it? Are you a small business that’s looking for an affordable manufacturer to create your wares? Seeking out accessible and effective options for mass production in a crowded market can be difficult, particularly if you’re on a budget or have a unique project that needs to be handled with care. When it comes to industrial plastic recycling, the best materials and most delicate touch always translate into the happiest client base and consistently successful business. Look below to learn more about custom rotational molding and how you can go about creating what you need with confidence, be it simple bulk containers or complex tools and plastic lockers!

Did You Know?

Let’s learn more about the industrial plastic recycling industry in the U.S. It’s been found that approximately three million people work in the cleaning services industry, ranging from janitors to housekeepers, while industry managers around the country have shown increasing confidence in their sector’s ability to improve in the coming years. The majority of commercial textile service plants run throughout the week, and sometimes the entire week by rotating through multiple shifts, due to increasing demand in the American economy. Everybody has a need for plastic molding and creation — due to the influx of new small businesses bolstering the job market, that number isn’t likely to change any time soon! When it comes to molding processes, there’s a technique for every kind of project you can come up with.

Rotational Molded Products

Rotational molding is a highly specialized and unique manufacturing process. Heat is utilized to both melt and fuse plastic resin into closed molds without the use of pressure, such as in more conventional molding processes, and results in higher-quality products. Cast tooling is considered the most common form of tooling with rotational molding due to its affordability, quick time-frame and ability to create a wide variety of textures and finishes. For simpler projects people often turn to fabricated sheet metal tooling, which doesn’t require a complex geometry and can see projects churned out in as little as six to eight weeks. What can you make with these techniques at your disposal? Well, these products can be as small as a ping-pong ball and as large as a 20,000 gallon tank! When it comes to flexibility, you can’t go wrong with the tried-and-true process of rotational molding and cast tooling. Now how about narrowing down your options for production in the industrial plastic recycling industry?

Finding A Manufacturer

So, how do you find a manufacturer that can cover your basic needs and get your business back on the right track? First you need to figure out the complexity of your design as well as the amount you’ll need at any given time. It can take anywhere from six to 12 weeks for a general tool build, one to three weeks for a sample you can inspect and at least one to three weeks for a finished model. A single tool can be produced up to 3,000 times throughout the year depending on the scope of the project, as well, though you should discuss the parameters with your business of choice to make sure. While nobody likes to wait, fabricated sheet metal tooling and rotational molding takes time and care to create properly. Learning about the industrialized plastic recycling industry is the first step toward finding out how you can use it to your benefit — where will you start with your business today?