Web design services

Having an effective web design depends on a few different factors, depending on the type of website you are planning on making. Overall, it has to be user friendly and an aesthetically pleasing website to the eye while delivering quality content and promoting the company. In light of those facts, here are a few general ways to have an effective web design.

  1. Guided Navigation

    When navigating around a website, the visitor should have a sense of being guided by the designer. This is one of the most important factors of effective web design.

    For example, the visitor should know immediately what kind of website they are on and what is being promoted or sold. Then, whatever the visitor looks at next should be what the designer made to be looked at next.

    There are four things that you can use to achieve this. They are:

    1. Position ? this is where something is located on the page.

    2. Color ?
      you should use bold colors to draw the user’s attention first.

    3. Contrast ?
      when something stands out it makes it more noticeable before other things.

    4. Size ?
      similarly big thing catch the eye before small things.
  2. Spacing

    Especially when it comes to text, spacing makes a big difference in how clear and understandable and easy to read the site is.

    There are three main elements for an eye catching design:

    1. Line spacing

      The space between the lines is very important for her readable the text is. Too much space can lose the eye but to little space can overwhelm the eye so it is important to find the balance.

    2. Bubble space

      I call this one bubble space because it has to do with how big or small of a bubble should be around each element. Images, for example, should not touch anything else and should have space around the entire picture.

    3. Empty space
      This is often referred to as negative space and is talking about how to use empty space effectively. You don’t want to much going on in the page but at the same time you don’t want it to feel unfinished. For example, a higher percentage of empty space makes a website seen more classy and upmarket while lower percentage is more for fun, upbeat and casual websites.

  3. User friendliness

    Navigation and orientation are extremely important when trying to make a user-friendly website. It needs to be simple for the user to see where to go and also for them to know where they are now. Navigation buttons should be easy to find and always in the same place on every page of the site.

    When designing an effective web design the maker should try and think as a user would think and figure out what visitors will want to do. For example, a keyword clicked from a search engine should take the user directly to where that keyword can be found instead of making them look around the entire website. If that happens, chances are the visitor will leave.

  4. Consistency

    This is a visual element. Everything should fit together. Fonts types and sizes, colors, buttons, spacing, elements, images, themes etc. should all work together coherently. Each page should have a running theme that makes it easy for the user to continue using the site in the same way as they did on the last page. They should not have to learn a new navigation method for every page.

    Optimize your website
    by making your decisions about what type of website you are making before you even begin and then stick to those choices. This is the best way to stay consistent throughout the entire website. Throwing in new colors and fonts halfway into the design will throw off the consistency.

    Alignment can be mentioned here as well. It’s important that things stay lined up properly on every page. That doesn’t mean a straight line but whatever line you decide on should stay that way all the way through, to give the site a more polished appearance.

In four points you can have a fairly effective web design, you just have to follow the directions and think like a user instead of a designer. Lastly, make sure you keep up with the website maintenance as technology and user opinion changes.