Buying network equipment

If you own a small business and you decide to buy networking equipment, it can seem overwhelming. It may seem like it’s a hassle that simply isn’t worth it. But there are numerous options out there that make the process much easier, and will still benefit your business. One of these options is investing in used networking equipment. Check out our list of the top three reasons you should be investing in this equipment!

Cost Effective

Did you know that 27% of small businesses do not have any IT support at all, and yet 1.3 billion people will be telecommuting by the end of 2015? In addition, a survey of SMBs revealed that 42% believe security is their biggest challenge when it comes to technology. Investing in used equipment frees up money to pay for hardware support as well as IT support services. This makes this goal more attainable for small businesses who don’t believe they can afford an upgrade.

Stepping Stone

In addition to being cost effective, buying used equipment can also be a stepping stone for your business. You may buy used routers now, but in a few years, you can upgrade those used routers to new ones. Buying used gives you an opportunity to get used to the equipment before splurging on top of the line, brand new equipment. This way, if something goes wrong, it’s not with equipment you paid thousands for.

Better Than Nothing

Many small businesses use no technology in their daily operations, and they don’t even realize that it’s hurting them. In today’s day and age, being off the grid with technology doesn’t make you relevant to consumers or other businesses. Investing in this equipment at least gives you something to work with, even if you don’t feel you necessarily need it.

Do you think any used equipment could benefit your small business? How would you use it? Which one of these reasons is the most compelling in your opinion?