Digital and offset printing nyc

Are you looking for new marketing strategies? Sure, the internet is great and an extremely effective means of advertising; but maybe it’s time to put down the screens, close our laptops and take a long and hard look at the world around you. There are so many chances to interact with individuals in the flesh, and custom printing allows you to do so. Here are 4 benefits of custom digital printing:

Advertisement That Pays for Itself
For a small initial investment, custom printed items will create a means of advertising that will ultimately perpetuate itself, paying for itself and then some. Let’s use tote bags as an example. A single tote bag gets 1,000 tote bags. If you distribute 1,000 tote bags, that means that your digital printing items have reached at least 100,000 potential clients. Those are numbers that you can’t say no to.

Establishes Reciprocity With Other Businesses and Potential Clients
Statistics or none, here’s one truth that is practically universal: everyone loves freebies. Digital printing services allow you to give your clients and affiliates gifts that will help to establish brand loyalty, leave a lasting impression, and will set you apart as a giver in the community.

Everyone needs an extra tote bag. While many would say it’s superfluous, custom gifts allow you to bestow extremely practical items to potential clients that will be of use to both your company and them personally all at once.

Lost Cost
Digital printing is an inexpensive means of communicating your message to a large audience, creating thousands of brand impressions per dollar investment. Seems worth it, doesn’t it?

Establish Brand Loyalty
Who is your company? What are they trying to say? Paired with clear, concise and attractive logo, custom printed items can communicate to others just what your company stands for. It also helps to keep your brand present and in constant communication with the world at large.