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Marketing is huge as a business owner, and it is your primary way to gain and retain consumers. Every business has its own strategy, but 76% of small businesses say their ideal strategy would be a combination of both print and digital communication. So how can you get a leg up on the competition in terms of strategy? Printing can help in a bigger way than you may think. Read on for three ways printing products can help your business!

Name Recognition

When a company gives out promotional items with their name and logo, 84% of Americans say they retain the company’s name. This means that the next time they need to make a decision on goods and/or services, your company will come to their mind. This can give you a huge leg up over competitors who don’t invest in this aspect of marketing.

Gain Consumers

It is a fact that outdoor advertising like banner printing costs up to 80% less than a TV advertisement, 60% less than a newspaper ad, and 50% less than advertising on the radio. To do that of course, you’ll need banner printing services to customize your sign with the right information and set its dimensions. In addition, printing jobs help with business cards. Both of these tactics will help you gain new consumers!

Consumer Loyalty

Once you’ve gained consumers, you will undoubtedly want to keep them! After all that hard work to gain their business, why wouldn’t you? A great idea for this is to keep in line with the promotional items that may have drawn them in. When your business permits it, giving out little perks to returning consumers can keep them coming back again and again!

Had you thought of any of these? Will you use any of these ideas for your own business?