Seo company minneapolis

Essentially any task or duty that can be accomplished by using the internet will be. Whether it be researching a needed service or a gift for a loved one, the online marketplace can offer improved accessibility as well as quick results. This has become even more prevalent in recent years with the popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices with internet capabilities.

When was the last time you even laid eyes on a phone book, let alone used it to find a business? Given the tediousness of traversing page after page of endless phone numbers and addresses, the ease of use that Google’s instant search results can provide is a much more effective and quick method for researching products and services. An estimated 54% of Americans have now substituted the internet and local searches in place of dated phone books.

However, even without phone books, there is still a flood of countless websites that fill search results. Because of this, the vast majority of internet users have begun to, in many cases, unconsciously limit themselves to the front page of search results. In order to compete, search engine optimization (SEO) is a popular tool for climbing up the ladder of Google searches. Professional SEO services utilize specific keywords and phrases that pertain to a company’s products or services and will likely be used by internet users.

What makes search engine optimization techniques so valuable now and in recent years, is due to the frequency that searches are conducted on mobile devices. Because most people will turn to their phones for searches when either on the go or in a rush, showing high on search results may be the only way to get their attention. Often people in a hurry will be looking for local services for quick resolution.

Approximately 50% of all mobile searches are conducted in hopes of finding local results, 61% of which end up resulting in a purchase. An estimated 18% of these local mobile searches even lead to a sale within one day. Even though some local smaller businesses may not believe they need a solid online presence, SEO services packages could have a substantial impact on their success.

Rather than paying for enormous billboards or waiting for word of mouth to bring in consumers, SEO services can attract consumers within seconds of them searching.