What kind of camera should i buy for photography

Taking pictures is something people love to do. To date more than 250 billion photos have been uploaded to Facebook. Another 350 million are put up every day. The average Facebook user has 217 photos. Most of these people use a digital camera as their primary camera rather than their smart phone. Now if you do not yet have one, you might be in the market for one. You have a lot of options. So you might ask yourself, which digital camera should I buy? There are lots of cheap digital cameras for sale. With so many choices, it can be hard to decide but buying a digital camera is not as complicated as it may seem

  1. Set a budget. How much can you spend? If you are only interested in cheap digital cameras for sale, you can still get a good quality camera but you should have a price point in mind so when you go to the camera store or look online, you can see what your real options are.
  2. What are you going to use the camera for? Are you a serious photographer? Are you one of the 136,000 professional photographers? Are you just looking for a point and shoot digital camera for family photos or to post to Facebook? Is there a kind of photo you are most interested in taking?
  3. How durable does the camera need to be? Do you see yourself traveling to places like the Serengeti to photograph the wildlife? Do you plan to just use it for photos around town? Some digital cameras are waterproof but most are not. Your options will change depending on how much you expect your camera to endure.
  4. Do you have a preference about size? Smaller cameras can take photos that are just as great as a big camera so do not assume bigger is better. Your choice will depend on what you would prefer to carry around. If you aren?t sure, check out a camera store and play with different models.
  5. Do you have a brand preference? Most do have cheap digital cameras for sale but if you have a set preference in brand, that will limit your choices.
  6. Are there certain features that you know you want? Some cameras let you set different effects like sepia or black and white. If your photos are more of an artistic nature, you might want some of those features but if you are just interested in snapping basic photos, that might not be so important. One other aspect of this is how you plan to share the photos you take. Many cameras allow you to upload to social media sites or send via email. If you are planning to print the images, that gives you a different set of options.

You have a lot of options, too, for where to buy your camera. You can go online or visit a brick and mortar store. Both with have lots of cheap digital cameras for sale but how comfortable you are with either options is something you should consider.

At the end of the day, digital cameras are fun. They certainly are a lot different from the days of the 35mm cameras!